• Welcome to Hybridry
  • An Energy Saving Indirectly Heated Natural Gas Condensing Clothes Dryer
  • Drying heat and indoor room air can stay in the home while the clothing’s moisture is condensed and sent down the drain
  • The drying heat supplied by a gas boiler is reused again and again.
  • Radiant heat from the dryer can be reused as heat for your home.
  • Keeps your home and family safe with low drying temperatures which reduce the risk of dryer fires.
  • Hybridry Coil Illustration

How it Works:


The Hybridry operates as part of the heating system of a home. The clothes dryer is operatively connected in the same way as a zone thermostat, and makes a demand from the heating system in a similar fashion. This dryer is a clothes dryer system that integrally is both part of the home heating system, and acts as a peripheral heating zone. It is beneficial to use heated air that has been produced by a high efficiency (gas) boiler to first be utilized to dry clothing prior to being used to heat a building. The heat generated by a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) or a Micro Combined Heat and Power unit (MCHP) can also be the on-site source heat for the clothes dryer. Boilers supplied by biofuels are another source of heat energy.

The Hybridry operates in a similar fashion to a thermostat. Turning on the clothes dryer sends a signal to the boiler to send heated fluid through tubing connected to the clothes dryer. The heated fluid enters a radiator unit of the clothes dryer and causes heat to radiate into the clothes drying chamber. The chamber forms part of a rotating drum that tumbles the clothes as they absorb heat. Wet and damp clothes deposited within the chamber absorb the heat and drive the moisture out of the fabrics.

Hybridry utilizes fluid-to-air heat transfer technology to create a technology, whereas drying heat generated on site by natural gas can be re-circulated in the dryer drum as well as into the building after its moisture has been removed by a condensing process.

The Hybridry Featuring:


The fluid-to-air technology operates as the drum air temperature reaches its operating point and it begins to match the boiler fluid temperature, in turn, being self-regulating. As the temp is reached, it only draws enough energy from the heated fluid to maintain its operating temperature. The air temp can never exceed the boiler temperature, which is usually less than 180°F, eliminating spikes and falls common to traditional electric or gas systems. This results in more even drying times and less energy waste. When 160°F dryer air passes over a hot 1000°F electric element, it draws huge amounts of energy. This does not occur when 170°F boiler water transfers to 160°F drum air. The energy transfer is much less pronounced, therefore, making it energy-saving.

Why it is Safer:

Hybridry reduces chance of fire through its heating method, because no direct flames and no hot elements come into contact with lint or clothes. Hybridry reduces burning, scorching, and shrinking of fabrics because heat source temperatures are decreased.


Covered by patent 6,941,680 and other patent pending.