• Welcome to Hybridry
  • An Energy Saving Indirectly Heated Natural Gas Condensing Clothes Dryer
  • Drying heat and indoor room air can stay in the home while the clothing’s moisture is condensed and sent down the drain
  • The drying heat supplied by a gas boiler is reused again and again.
  • Radiant heat from the dryer can be reused as heat for your home.
  • Keeps your home and family safe with low drying temperatures which reduce the risk of dryer fires.
  • Hybridry Coil Illustration
 HybridryStandard GasStandard Electric DryerElectric Condesing Dryer
Heat source is either natural gas or bio fuels Yes No No No
Recirculates Heated Air Yes No No Yes
Self-Regulatory heat Yes No No No
Room air can stay indoors Yes No No Yes
Can use energy produced by MCHP or CHP Yes No No No
Reduced fire risk Yes No No No
Highly efficient use of energy Yes
(97% efficient)
natural gas boiler
No No No

How It Works

Heated fluid from your home's heating boiler transfers drying heat to your clothes dryer through a patented process. The home boiler sends its heated fluid to a heat transfer coil in the dryer where it is then sent to the drum to dry the clothing. This heated air then goes through a condenser enabling it to be recycled.

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Why It Saves Energy

Hybridry reuses the drying heat rather than venting it outside. The condensing process makes this possible. When natural gas is utilized as the heat source, the heating process is more efficient and less costly than energy from the grid.

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Why it is Safer

What sets Hybridry apart is its safety. It differs from conventional electric or gas dryers in that the Hybridry operates with relatively low drying temperatures and has no direct flames in the dryer. This technology reduces the chance of dryer fires.

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